Join the Club

What does the club offer you? (excluding the benefits of SA BTV)

  1. Access to a website that is funded by the club.
  2. Newsletters that will keep you up to date with developments in the Kalahari Red community.
  3. Results of shows and auctions.
  4. Invitations to all Kalahari Red functions.
  5. The privilege of selling animals on a Kalahari red club auction.
  6. The privilege of having your animals selected before the auction.
  7. The club has the best interest of Kalahari Red matters at heart and negotiates on your behalf for privileges at Stud Book, ARC and its place in the judicial boer goat industry.
  8. Making available literature, in order for the industry to grow to enable you to make your
    money back, on your goat investment.
  9. The marketing of the race.
  10. The training of new Kalahari Red breeders entering the industry.
  11. The establishment of study groups in different regions of the country and Africa, in order to look after the Kalahari Red industry.

Application for Membership

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Please find enclosed a copy of a deposit slip whereby I have entered my initials and surname in the reference field.

Membership fees:        R600.00 per year 1July – 30June

I hereby apply for membership to the Kalahari Red Club and undertake to pay my annual fee prior to the annual club auction in March.