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Dear Kalahari red Club members
From the Club management we wish you all a happy new year, may you be blessed with a lot of rain and lams this year and may all auctions be blessed.

We are proud to announce that our first baby’s of the ram donation have arrived.

Two red baby’s from boergoat mom! One red baby from black mom!
The breeder was very excited and astonished with the genetic influence that the Kalahari Red Ram had on the off spring. The colour was steadfast and the increase in meat quality was clearly visible

2 Very important dates to remember

The first ever Boergoat expo held at the AFRIDOME in Parys


This is the first ever Goat expo to be held in South Africa. A special thanks to the organisers Sentraal
boerbokklub and Hoeveld boerbokklub for the time and effort they have put into this. There will be
a quality auction held at the end of the expo.

Kalahari Red Club Auction 12 April 2014

CONRAD HERBST Auction Facility
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Herewith the Goat calendar for the year


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Contact Madeleine du Plessis on 0832587394 or for any further information

News from our Botswana Farmers

Faheem Kala, a true agricultural specialist and goat farmer par excellence is our representative in Botswana. He is busy doing a range of stories on the Kalahari red farmers in Botswana and we will publish it in the newsletter over a few months.
He will also give us the goat program for Botswana.
We are looking forward to his introduction of the members as he travels around Botswana. The Kalahari Reds was so fortunate last year to be on the front cover of the leading agricultural magazine. They have great success with the Kalahari reds. I would like to thank Faheem on behalf of the SA Kalahari Reds for the work that he and all the other farmers do. We are planning a combined farmers day and the presenting of a junior course up there, but more about this later.

We would also like to invite all the farmers from up there to join us at our auction on 12 April 2014.


There is always confusion on what a teat should look like. The ideal teat is one on each side, but there is some acceptable teats that we feel you should study. Below is a table that explains it best.
Take some time and study this and take the chart to the kraal. Remember to look at the rams as well. The Kalahari Red rams are judged by the same standards. Using the wrong ram can influence your whole offspring.



I was standing in the kraal one day with Oom Ben Vorster and as we were talking he quoted the numbers of his goats from a distance. I couldn’t even read the tags. When asking him how he knows the numbers he said he read it from the clipping in the ears. He then showed me the clippings and explained this old school method to me. I found it so useful especially with tags that gets lost and comes in handy with studbook registration. I include a diagram here that you can use as a guideline.


mark21 mark31


Registration, identification, and accurate recording and reporting your goat movements supports traceability, and mating helps to minimise the risk of disease transmission and maximise the possibility of controlling your herd.