Ram Donation

Ram donation 2016

The Kalahari Red club is planning a new Ram donation program for our young and upcoming goat farmers.

The idea behind the donation program is to help the farmer improve the quality of his breed and to improve the weight of the tribe.

For the Farmers that are interested in the donation program the next apply

  1. They must supply us with a reason why they want to be part of this project.
  2. They must indicate what kind of tribe they have and how many they have.
  3. Indicate to us if He or She is farming in a Hart water’ area.
  4. In what district/area are they farming
  5. Send us photograph of their goats.

Closing date for applications: 30 November 2015

The rams on the donation program are not stud animals but are coming out of our top breeders in South-Africa.

The Farmers qualifying for the program will be ask to attend the info day on the day that the Rams will be donated to their new owners .

The Rams will be donated on the Kalahari Red info day in March 2016. The event will be held the Sabrina Estate in Pretoria –East.

We would also like to give our Farmers of Botswana and Zimbabwe a change to apply, the farmers will be responsible for the costs getting the goats across the border (Quarantine time ECT). It will be more a less R1500 per ram.

For the farmers that would like to take part in the program please e-mail you’re application with above info to info@kalaharired.net

Thank you

Kalahari Red greetings

Madeleine du Plessis